The Journey..

Our organization was started purely out of a desire to find better tools for our daughter to navigate the challenges in her life. Becca struggles are with an autoimmune disease called Lupus and she has heart issues. She also has daily battles with OCD, an anxiety disorder and Central Auditory Processing disorder which requires her to read lips.

A service dog named "MH Vision Mike" was brought into our lives as a tool to help manage her challenges and it has never been the same since! He is a wonderful asset to her mental and physical well being. "Mike" alerts when a medical issue arises such as a change in her heart rate, when she is in pain or needs assistance. His other tasks includes aiding in balance and opening doors (gates). Because her challenges are not as visible as someone else she has encountered many situations in public that have led her (and us) to being very

So we had two choice...get angry and nothing would change or we could educate the public on seeing peoples challenges and service animals from a different perspective. We began speaking at schools, churches, businesses and in medical settings to educate people regarding ADA Guidelines and Laws and the importance of the proper etiquette when encountering a service dog.  

Becca has shown such wisdom and courage to face her challenges head on and also makes it a mission to help others and hopefully get the word out so other people do not have to deal with the obstacles that she has dealt with in a public setting. She has been on local and national news stations, radio,  and in newspapers and magazines spreading the word about her mission. A children book is in the works because we have a strong belief that if we raise our children up looking at the world from a different view
that perspectives will change for the better.

The birth of Harts2Paws began its evolution into an organization with the purpose is to educate, help others to understand that they are not alone in whatever their struggle may be and to aid in a better understanding of what a service animal means to their human. We also help navigate the world of online scams and get you connected to the right trainers to acquire your service animal.

Our focus on reaching children and teens is a direct desire from Becca to help others like her to have a variety of tools to manage their daily life. However, we will assist anyone who needs good sound information to get connected with the right community. She refuses to be defined by her challenges but instead is defined by her victories!

As parents of a child that has struggles we want to let parents know that there are  many tools available to help your child be successful. We do use the words "challenges and struggles" often as we refuse to label our daughter. The word "perspective" is used because we choose to look at bias or lack of an understanding from a different outlook. We are so proud of the courage, strength and faith that our daughter has demonstrated and we often tell her that she is our hero and when we grow up we want to be just like her!  

Please visit the rest of our website and contact us if you have any questions.

Love and Paws!

The feeling remains that God is on the journey too..

                                                                           -Teresa of Avila

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